Get Started

Do I really want to lose weight?

The first thing to do is to make sure it’s what you want to do. It is a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. Somethings we do are quite different from the ‘norm’ but it is very easy to follow once you get into it. It’s just a matter of taking notice of what you’re putting into your body. We only have one body let’s look after it and stop abusing it. Organisation is key, which is why we use the following documents. “If you don’t track it you’ll sack it” or “Don’t log, don’t lose”

The documents and forms

The documents we use to track our food intake and our movement and measurements are:

  1. Weekly meal plan (PDF) weekly menu document
  2. Food diary (PDF) Weekly food diary
  3. Photograph of body each week (front, side and back view)
  4. Food photographs daily (not necessary)
  5. Measurement document (PDF) Measurements chart
  6. Exercise record (PDF) Exercise plan complete
  7. Kitchen essentials & store cupboard foods  kitchen essentials and store cupboard foods

The weekly meal plan

The meal plan is decided by (me usually) and put on the fridge every Sunday night (by me usually ha!) ready for the following week. This is so that we can make sure we get the correct food in for the week to save time and waste. There is a little shopping list on the same document too, which also helps. There are loads of menu ideas on the website.

The food pics

Richard weighs his food and shows the weights on the pictures. These are shown on the blogs each week for each day. He does this because if there is a blip with the weight loss and he puts weight on or loses weight too quickly, he will know to reduce portions or up his exercise or otherwise. I usually just take pictures of the food I eat, but I don’t weigh it. I normally count out ladles of food or, if small enough numbers of items, like 7 prunes and 6 Brazil nuts. The photograph’s of all the food and drink that goes into us is a very important tool. You can see what’s been eaten so there’s no guessing. You can do the same or just write in the food diary everything that passes your lips. Remember if you ‘Don’t log it you don’t lose it’

Get the checks

The first week we measured ourselves and logged it in the measurement document. We eat our ‘normal’ food then started the regime a week later. We both had checks at the doctors then had blood tests. We will have the same checks and tests 6 months after the first one. The differences should be noticeable in the blood tests. It’s very important to be safe whenever changing your food plan.

The exercising log

The exercise document will be put into use, week 5 of the plan. This is because Richard wanted to lose an amount of weight first. He wanted to show that the weight could be lost by the 24 minutes on the bike and the food we ate. Then the weights and floor exercises can be introduced, to see what differences to measurements and weight there will be. I will be doing some of the same exercises, with a smaller kettle bell and some stretches, based on yoga. We will both carry on with the cycling and walking along-side the weights and stretch work. The exercise PDF is the one Richard uses, the one I do will be uploaded soon.

Looks can be deceiving

It looks like a lot of work to start with, and it may be a little daunting. We have taken all of the hard work out for you, so that all you need to concentrate on is YOU. It is really easy to succeed with this food and exercise plan. You will never go back, because you’ll never have to lose the weight again, if you follow this program. If you’re ready for the Happy Loser weight loss then print off the PDF’s and get started. This IS just the start and when you get past the first few weeks you will notice some big changes and learn so much more in the process. Good luck you Happy Loser!