Mushroom risotto

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Mushroom risotto recipe Makes 4 meals Ingredients 200 g of mushrooms sliced Cup of risotto rice 1 leek or onion diced 1 clove of garlic crushed or chopped small 7 dried shiitake mushrooms ½ glass of white wine 1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon of Marmite 1 tablespoon of oil or butter A couple … Read moreMushroom risotto

Master Base: Bulk meals

aster Base bulk menu bulk cook versatile sauce everything sauce

The Happy Loser Master Base

The master Base was born because we want to eat fast food that’s good for you, that is versatile and can be made into loads of different dishes. We like to cook our food in bulk to save money on fuel and to save waste, money and time too. You’ll notice that no salt or flavourings are added. This is because when making the various recipes later, the seasonings and herbs can be added then.

What we have made using the Master Base so far:

Thai curry,

Indian curry,

Pasta sauces,

Patatas bravas,

Jambalaya ,

Pizza sauce,

Sweet and sour sauce,

Vegetable bake,



Mexican bean wraps,

And there is scope for so much more.

Master Base recipe

Grapeseed Oil

2 peppers any colour I used red

4 medium onions

Half a bunch of celery

4 tomatoes

2 bottles of pasatta (pureed tomatoes) 690g each


Chop all the vegetables into a small dice and put aside.

onions for master base versatile sauce
Chopped Onions
chopped red peppers for master base
Chopped red peppers
celery chopped for mater base
Chopped celery
Grapeseed oil
Grapeseed oil
pasatta passatta pasata

Put about 2 table spoons of oil in a sauce pan. The pan should be large enough to fit everything in.

Oil going in pan
Oil going in pan

Add the onions then the rest of the vegetables and cook on a medium heat for about 15 minutes with the lid on so that the veg steams in their own water.

Onions going into the pan
Peppers going into the pan
Celery going into pan
Tomatoes going into the pan
Cooked vegetables

Once the vegetables have softened add the two bottles of pasatta.

Pasatta going into the pan

As the pasatta doesn’t need cooking, just leave it all to cool; unless of course you want to cook it into a dish of your choice.

Storing your Master Base and recycling

We have put the Master Base in the freezer in 5 x 500 ml jars. The jars have been recycled from glass screw top jars. To freeze, leave the tops off to allow the sauce to expand. There needs to be room in the freezer so that the jars can stand up. Make sure the food has cooled completely because the glass doesn’t like temperature change. If you don’t want to use glass, you can use freezer containers. As the jars are free and not plastic, we prefer to recycle and reduce waste and the plastics in our bodies.


The portions work out to a 500 ml jar = 2 portions generally. Or about 525 g when full.  If you do not want to freeze the food from this recipe, it can be stored in the fridge for about 4 days.

Meal variety

If you want to follow the Happy Loser weight-loss plan the Master Base bulk pot recipe will be the basis of many meals. So keep an eye out for them later. So lots of different meals can be made in no time at all with the Master Base.  Recipes will follow in the coming weeks , using this versatile Happy Loser Master Base.

bulk cook versatile sauce everything sauce
Master Base ready for the freezer