About Us

When we met

Richard and I met at college in he UK, doing a computer course as part of an Access to Higher education qualification in 2007. I wanted to do teaching and Richard wanted to do counselling. I originally wanted to do a nutrition course, and had actually started to do an Open University degree in nutrition. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do, as it was all to do with chemistry and molecules in food God!!. Well this did not fit with what I wanted to learn about or do.

French alley

We started seeing each other

In 2010 we started to see each other and became partners (in crime) Very quickly we moved to France after only seeing each other for 8 months. I know, a bit quick, but we had known each other for 3 years by then.  From day one our cooking together was very organic and natural. Always seeming to know where to be and not getting in the way. There was a very true and sincere feel, and there still is. An all knowing sort of oneness between us.

Nutrition diplomas

Richard had already done a nutrition diploma when we met. We then both studied in 2010, for a Nutrition diploma at the same college we had met at. We really enjoyed the course and studying together. Somehow the diploma didn’t fill us with excitement or enough information to lead a healthy life. After realising early on, that a lot of the courses were missing some very important content, we decided that it would be a good idea to team up and do stuff the way we thought it should be done.

Scales Yellow

Lose weight as painless as possible

In 2015 Richard wanted to lose weight and wanted it as painless as possible but knew he would have to immerse himself into a system that works. I said “I bet I could do an eating plan and get you to lose enough weight to give you a BMI of 25 quickly, cost effective and healthily, and not missing out on puddings ”. Gauntlet thrown on the table and Richard accepted the offer.

I was convinced we could do it

It is something I had never done before but with the knowledge I had gained from lots of research, and with Richard’s years of learning, I was convinced we could do it.

The weight loss all started

So the weight-loss all started in August 2015 and Richard had got to his goal weight in June 2016. Goal reached in nine and a half months, we had done it! He had lost 33kg and had reached a BMI of 25. Now we’re going to show you how to do it in real time. You can follow us and get rid of some serious ailments along the way. Convinced that others can do what Richard and I did, we have both put on weight (me 11kg and Richard 32kg) because we want to take it all off again! YAY!!

vegan choc dairy free gluten free sugar free chocolates
My Banana choc chunks

I am obsessed with food

I was, and still am obsessed with food. Wake up, think about food. I love to read recipe books and magazines. Food programmes and YouTube! Its just great and can’t get enough of it! I also make up my own recipes that are high on flavour and amazingly healthy for you. Richard loves food and cooking on video so I leave him to that while I sit very comfortably behind it! We love, love, love using natural remedies and recipes and we want to share it all with you!

Lets get this started and be Happy Losers

Louise and Richard the Happy Losers xx