Dismay at no loss?

Dismay at no, loss?

“There’s no failure, only feedback” – Richard Bandler co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

When the great man above made that statement, he was spot on! If there is only feedback what use is it? Feedback has a great use, but only if you have something for measuring it. My point is that if you’re not lazy and you can be bothered, then and only then, can you browse your records.

You will be able see where you’ve gone wrong if you keep a running inventory. Create your own catalogue as we are doing here. The more efficient you are with your records the better your analysis.

Creating your catalogue

Sometimes we get carried away and rely on things that may have been changed slightly, which we don’t notice. If it’s recorded, we notice it! In effect this strategy is what governments do with us. It’s called a catalogue and if you want to make changes, be efficient, then I suggest you do the same. It’s time consuming but worth it! I think the main reason we don’t become brilliant at learning everything we want, is because we don’t understand process. If you write it down you can then understand the movements of a method.

It didn’t happen!

This week has been full of mixed emotions, as the weight loss didn’t happen for whatever reason. Looking back at the records, there have been lots of things to pick over, for why it didn’t work. “This week has been a failure and I’m so depressed that I’m going to stop this weight loss regime, it doesn’t work!” This is a joke! It is a joke because I have lost weight, and I’m doing it this way as I know it works as I’ve done it before.

There are a few factors that I have pinpointed after looking at my records. Here is my list that may have caused lack of loss.

  1. Starting the weights. Last week I started weight training after a couple of years of not doing it and after measuring this it may have been a cause of my muscles getting denser. While this may be a possibility, I think it’s unlikely.
  2. My meals were bigger than normal. Looking back at my records I’ve noticed that some of my meals were around 600 grams and this may be a cause for the lack of weight loss. I think a big contributor was the Indian on Friday night. There was lots of rice, noodles, pakora, bhaji’s and all that sort of stuff (carbohydrate heaven).
  3. Our cheat day was the day before the weigh in. On Saturday we went out for a bit of a blow out and we both went for it at a Chinese all you can eat buffet. Some of the dishes were sweet and maybe this interfered with the loss of weight.
  4. More potatoes and deserts. The meal sizes increased and so did the sweets. We love sweets, how about you?

How is any of this useful?

While looking back at personal records I’ve been able to point out some of the potential problems. We can see that the previous week’s consumption of food has over taken the recommended guidelines we have set out.


The whole reason for doing this regime is to be able to track what’s going on with the food that we’re eating. You may think its pointless recording everything that I eat but in reality, it allows us all to make vital changes that achieve the goal that we set. We record everything because we can look back and check where it’s gone wrong this week or over a longer period. With the list above these are just pointers but I’m able to check back and say to myself, “this can be changed or that can be altered”.

Get back on!

“I could curl up in to a ball and tell myself, its rubbish and it doesn’t work!” The system works and the proof is in the images posted previously over the last six weeks. Just because I’ve fallen off the wagon doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of picking myself, up running after that same wagon and jumping back on.

This blip means that we can make changes and see the results next week. If the changes made, have worked? Don’t be despondent there will always be things in life that happen and all we can do is learn from them and overcome.

Remember “There is no failure, only feedback”



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