Store cupboard & essentials

Kitchen essentials and Store cupboard foods

For the Happy Loser weight loss plan we use all of the equipment and foods listed below. If you want a PDF  of the list without the pictures, click on the link here its number 7 on the list of PDF’s.

Equipment needed in the kitchen

Stick blender (we use Bosch)

Food processor (we use Bosch)

Cotton bags – (from the health food shop) for squeezing out the juice after the fruit or veg has been processed in the food processor. If you have a juicer you can use that.

Whisk electric or manual



Stainless pots various sizes up to 10 litres

kitchen equipment essentials
Stainless steel pans

Enamel pots various sizes (we use Le Creuset)

kitchen equipment essentials
Le Creuset pan set


Avoid non-stick coated pans

Bamboo or wooden chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards

Wooden or bamboo spoons and utensils




Measuring jugs

Measuring cups and spoons


Mixing bowls

Salad bowls

Rolling pin

Spring formed cake tins

Muffin tin

Casserole dishes

Enamel or stainless steel baking trays

Stainless and ceramic water filter (we use British Berkefeld)

Berkfeld stainless steel gravity filter
Berkefeld stainless steel gravity filter

Crock pot slow cooker (we use Crockpot)


Glass storage jars for food storage and freezing batch cooking

Sharp selection of knives – (we use Zwilling JA Henckels mostly)

Shearing scissors

Knife sharpener

Can opener



Vegetable peeler


Oven gloves

Tea towels

Grease proof paper

Paper cake cases


Store cupboard foods

Agar- Agar (vegan thickening agent from seaweed)

Brown rice

Cacao powder 100% (raw)

Coconut oil (cold pressed virgin)and coconut milk coconut sugar, coconut flour

Coconut oil

Dates, prunes and raisins

Frozen fruits and spinach

Gelatine (animal product thickening agent)

Herbs, fresh; (mint, thyme, rosemary, coriander, chives, sage and flat leaf parsley, basil)

Honey-Manuka or un-processed varieties

Lentils, black beans & chickpeas and haricot blanc dried or cooked in glass jars

Maple syrup

Marmite or Vegemite

Marmite and Vegemite


Mushrooms (dried) ideal for vegetarian stocks

Nuts: almonds, cashews, Brazils, pecans, walnuts and ground almonds

Nut butters: almond, cashew and hazelnut

Nutritional yeast (vegan flakes cheese flavour savoury)

Marigold Engevita nutritional yeast

Oats and buckwheat flakes

Olive oil (cold pressed virgin)


Salt (Sea, Himalayan) -not table salt avoid table salt

Seeds: pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and chia seeds

Seaweed (dried)

Sesame oil

Spices: (turmeric, cumin, cayenne, chili flakes, chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder, curry powder, Thai curry paste, Chinese five spice, fennel, fenugreek, curry leaves, onion seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cloves etc.) too many to list. I make my own curry powder and Thai green curry paste

Pepper black, white, Szechuan

Tomato passata in glass jars

Tahini (sesame paste)

Tamari (soy)

Tamarind (a fruit with a sweet sour flavour)

Vinegars (apple cider, white, red wine, white wine, raspberry.) Home- made Apple cider vinegar. We are lucky to have loads of apple orchards near to us.

Store cupboard food



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